An exciting project working alongside charity organiser Amélie Sells, revamping the identity in print and online for the new year of Norwich Refugee Week events. 
The main features the client requested was for a more contemporary treatment that conveys more of Norwich and new relationships and paths formed within the city.
I experimented with warmer tones of the ever-so-popular primary colour pallet. 
The main visual came from the idea of building blocks, starting somewhere new and a playful perspective of Norwich as a bright, welcoming city.

Pitch : The distance from any point on the thread of a screw to the corresponding point on an adjacent thread measured parallel to the axis.
PITCH was created to showcase the work of the Illustration students graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 2018. 
The Team fo fellow students and I took on the brief as a live project, one of our first, with a real client, budget and deadline. 
The printed piece operated on a system of symbols abstracted from the form of the word PITCH, representing the very concept of the body work created by each student.
Perfect-bound in Navy colorplan and filled with recycled uncoated 100 gsm paperstock. 
The colour pallet inside compliments the navy cover and accompanies the colour pallet of the social media platforms and spacial design for an associated event at New Designers 2018.
The Layout is minimal, using only circles, one full page image and approx 100 words per student.
Finishing the publication with a clean die cut of the symbol system and nothing else on the cover. 
The Project was completed under budget, within the strict, short deadline and received praise  from the university chancellor, senior design tutors and industry specialists.

Ephemeral is a printed illustration publication that uses the definition of ephemeral , the last for a short time, to explore certain subjects in the world. Quite often the publication takes a look at subject important to the human race like food security. 
Ephemeral was fortunately nominated for a stack in 2018. 
For the best use of Illustration. A big achievement for the publication.
The publications first and second issues are stocked across Europe and online. 
Created for the purpose of communicating digestible, concise information through illustration and short-form writing. 
I designed the cover to be minimalist, bold and clean for the purpose of overloading the audience with the contrast in colours and information filled inside.
I collaborated with many artists including Aga Giecko, Ollie Silvester, Mitch Forsyth and Lily Blakely. Commissioning then from original work to accompany articles and create narrative features as well. 
Issue 2 was a partnership with the John Innes Centre, exploring food security, genetic modification and crop research. 
As director, lead designer and featured illustrator, I am incredibly proud of this project.