A catch up.

February 27, 2017


I have recently been buried in coursework and so apologise for not updating everyone with what i have been creating, watching, reviewing and visiting. To catch you up I went to see the amazing exhibitions on Ardizzone and Laura carlin at The House of Illustration. They are now in my top group of inspirational illustrators as well as the obvious choice of Quentin. 


I have also finished my first major project of Illustration second year and feel the biggest relief but also the most confidence i have ever felt nearing a deadline.


I plan on taking this break from university and the end of a major project as an opportunity to start new journeys within my art and challenge my time management. I plan on balancing university work with self-initiated projects and collaborations. 


I dyed my hair black/blue to match the expectations of British spring and I am looking forward to an almost fresh start and new perspective on my work process, learning and analysing. Heres to the next two years at uni and the rest of the years as an artists.

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