Trying new things

April 4, 2017



I have always worried that i am not getting enough out of my three years at uni so have always pushed myself to try everything on offer. Today I joined my housemate Hebe in her studio to find out about the processes she prefers to use. She has always been a textile artist that uses bright block colours in her work as well as her own fashion. I wanted to see how she block prints her design to then hopeful apply it in my own practice if I need to. The process involved expensive print transfer paper with an image printed on then and any synthetic cloth of choice. you would either have an image printed on the paper or cut out the shape of your liking and apply it face down on the cloth. Heat is applied in the form of a heat press for a minute and the colour is then transferred on to the cloth easily. The problems we encountered were that the colour changed when they were transferred, however this could easily be solved with a simply swatch piece for comparison. Generally, the process is very enjoyable and easy to get into and improve on. will be revisiting the textile studio!


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