Thale Cress Research and Reportage

August 1, 2017



 Upon a general research session on ephemeral plant, a suggested search from goggling ephemerality, I was enthralled by the amount of information and the story this little weed held. Small weed from eurasian origins, normally grows on disturbed ground like railway tracks and road sides. Grows to about 10-20 cms with long thin leaves and white petalled buds. The Thale cress, because of its small size, has an extreme small amount of genomes, perfect from genetic analysis, reconstruction and mutation. In the hopes of moving further forward in agriculture in outer space, for when we eventually colonise mars or any-other planet (not that sure), scientist like a group at the John Innes research Centre in Norwich, have been analysing and manipulating the genomes. This research has lead to Thale cress to be the first plant to complete a full growth cycle in outer space. Above is some watercolours and two screenshots of a record to date of numbers across the world. starting from the year 1700, you can see it first being sighted in Europe and slowly it spread across the Atlantic and to more corners of the world. I drew the plants from walk across the broads and around the hills of Norwich, its seemed appropriate to not travel far as it was a common weed, although a winter annual, i could found some already sprouting in gardens. 




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