Real Review

August 16, 2017

Over the summer I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the 3rd issue of Real Review publication. A magazine created by Real Foundation's founder Jack Self and OK-RM's Co-founder Rory McGrath. Its a model publication that is being recognised across the industry as 'groundbreaking' in the creators formatting of editorial spread, style of writing and idea of ephemerality of the printed word. The publication itself is a long thing 'review of today', printed on porcelain mixed newspaper paper to keep to the ephemeral agenda but also the addition of porcelain prevents show through. The publication has a unique shape due to the use of a newspaper folding machine (used for the lose, curved, horizontal fold in the newspaper) to fold vertically down the centre of the already folding and bound page, creating two choices of reading experience but also to add to the idea of 'folding it and putting it in your back pocket' according to rough trade editor Liv Siddall. The collections of reviews are totally a group of amusement pieces. A feature that answers the question 'why didn't they just do this online?' because you would get such a good selection of information and narratives suggested to you online. alternatively, Jack Self beliefs they didn't go online because they were in love with the 'finitude of the printed magazine' the idea of have a number of pages so a finite amount of space , 'forces a hierarchy of content' 'forces clarity' (Jack Self 2016). OKRM partnership with the publication as the design side has encouraged me to research them for more of my own work with direction and curation. 






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