Limner Journal

October 1, 2017

The University has had Issue 4 of the Limner Journal in the second year studio for about a year. I didn't even go near it unfortunately until third year when I researched in to the contribution my own lecturers mad to the publication world. Studio Operative explored Gesture through poetry, photography, illustration and Written articles. The paper stock and collection of different separate features was the most attractive part to the publication for me. The thick cover, bound by blue fabric tape, with posters and risography within the pages it creates an exciting reading experience without being heavy on the writing. The space given to each illustration is more purposeful that perceived at first glance. The first flick through you would notice to harmonious colour cooperation, looking further the space acts as a counteraction to the harshness of the subjects mono-printed on the opposite page. The offset register of the cover only adds to the personalised feel of the publication. The cold tones associate the text and images with the publications agenda to journal critically. A serious tone even when purposefully attempting to be playful. Although the beginning of the publication begs to differ. the idea of instructing the reader to commit trivial and silly actions in the name of art and gesture, includes the reader in the exploration of gesture. 








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