June 25, 2017






 Besides pronouncing the title wrong on several occasions, Vestoj has been nothing but positives for me. Whilst researching for my dissertation, it has been a lovely escape to read but also helpful advantage to experience the subject of my dissertation (publications) in such a thorough, interesting form. The cover stood out from the rest at Offprint festival, London, the navy dust jacket adorning a white Cerne Abbas Giant and pastel pink opposed the sea of thin glossy magazines. The subject of this particular issue was gender assigning based on colour, so pink for girls and blue for boys. How different cultures follow thing order, combat this order or operate totally differently.



This is format and bind similar to many books is the reason why i'm exploring ephemerality in the magazine industry. Why do magazines now have to have expensive, thick paper stock, hardbacks or dust jackets. If a publication as contemporary and one that also puts its content and information in front of everything else as the primary feature that attracts the readers and the primary expense within the creators process then why does it need to be printed on expensive materials? It maybe the shear amount of writing which needed to be bound strongly together but it could have been published online then. A prime example of some early mixes of both reading experience and information lead pieces. 



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