Curating with MDF

February 8, 2018














 Our recent university exhibition involved curating our development work for third year so far. As the artists I worked closely with for six months and exhibited with were all 2D designers with a couple of exceptions. The work collected together needed a curation that broke them all up and made them all appear eye catching individually but work homogeneously. I originally wanted the choppy, flakey texture of sterling board as the part background and table top for our space but ended up with MDF/chipboard, this was a smoother texture and wasn't exactly what i wanted as a combination with the 2D pieces but it still had the brown, wooden texture i was looking for.


i didn't want to cover all of our frame as some pieces were a1 and so took quite a lot of space up, i wanted them to flood most of the frame. but display smaller pieces in wood to highlight their equal importance. We were a publication group and so wanted a space for the audience to interact with our 3d objects and publications. This is why i extended the wood out on to the table.


the workshop was also an extension of our group and the exhibition space. Placed on a white table in front, the zine making workshop allowed people to browse and view the work while creating a short visual narrative from two randomly assigned words. 


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