February 15, 2018

Europa is a London based graphic design studio, that operates on the talents of a collective of designers and collaborative artists. Its work mainly consists of identities and typographic works for festivals, fairs and other designers. A very communal studio driven by the pillar designers and movements of the past and the evolving designs of the future. 


The small part of the studio i got to see while on my visit reflected the collective they were and the work they create, kitchen utensil refined to the uses of the few types of the food they eat, a cheese knife, colander and general chefs knife. the floor is a hard plastic yellow, the space is design for interaction and integrated digital design in to everyday life with computers along one kitchen wall. 


From research beforehand and what a couple of the designers had discussed with me and my fellow students, I gathered that the collective was open to creating for social matters and industries outside of graphic design such as council funded projects. 


Knowing that council funded projects were closely associated to Europa, opens a lot more doors within my creative directing career that i never thought to open. 




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