working on my own project

March 19, 2018

Upon reflection of my own work so far and the fact of a looming deadline, it was sensible to layout a strong concept and plan for my own final project. Along with a practical wall calendar to plan out my process from idea to final publication, I realised what exactly my project would explore as well as a clear manifesto for my publications, clarifying my use of the definition for 'ephemera' and 'ephemerality'. 


Realistically, it would make more sense to explore the material representation on 'ephemerality' since the word has such strong connections to ephemerality already. 

however, what the publication plans have displayed so far, does not replicate this obvious connection. Instead the publication investigates 'ephemera' and 'ephemerality' purely and only as a theme of research and information. 


I need to go back to the start and reconsider what the theme means to me and how i want my publication to inform my reader. 



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