Art Directing the degree show publication

June 18, 2018

As a team of student all graduating together, each with unique strengths and skills, my role as art director was more varied and embedded amongst the strength and leadership of the team of designers as a whole. There were days when I didn't lead the team and listened to whom was on the ball that day. This particular project, though i treat every project I do like it's the biggest project in my life, this was a definite learning curve and chance to experiment. I learnt that it was okay to stop and let another person take control for the purpose of solving a problem within the project. 


Although I learnt a lot and improved as a director while creating this publication, I still believe I have a lot of room to grow. There have been times when work wasn't good enough, moral was low, deadlines weren't met and members simply didn't listen and i didn't know how to deal with it. I think this is where commercial or industry experience comes in. i think that through taking on internships or asking masters of the field various questions about leading and directing, I would improve in this area. 


Despite a great deal of stress and organising, the publication team weren't an excellent group of creatives to work with that understood each other and the brief. The publication has now been sent to print to be ready for the degree show 26th-4th July 2018.

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