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Commissioned by Editor, Jamie Clifton, to illustrate the header of an article covering forex trading, Hayden Vernon's experience forex trading for the first time. 


One in a series of digital illustration headers for articles covering the student mental health crisis. Specifically, this piece accompanied an article about professional perspectives on the crisis. Commissioned by Tshepo Mokoena and written by  Emily Goddard.


This piece, commissioned by VICE Editor, Jamie Clifton, covered UK-based Incestuous relationships and personal accounts of brother and sister relationships. briefed as a very light, humorous illustrated header. Written by  Chloe Combi .


Another piece as part of a series of illustrations for a series of articles covering the student mental health crisis. The above image illustrates the pitfalls of freshers week. 


This illustration was commissioned by Editor, Tshepo Mokoena for an article exploring 'Uni Student Drop Outs Due to Mental Health Are Up 1,000%'. Written by  Hannah Ewens .